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Heartworm Information 


What are heartworms? Heartworms are parasitic worms that live in the heart. Dogs and cats are infected with heartworms through the bite of mosquitos. 



Why Prevent Heartworm? Heartworms, if not treated, are fatal.

Heartworm infection may lead to:

  • Damage to the lining of the arteries
  • Clogging of the pulmonary artery
  • Heart Failure
  • Damage to heart valves 


How do we prevent? Heartworm prevention is given by a monthly oral tablet or a topical for Cats. Year-round prevention is key to the well-being of your pet. It is important that indoor pets are on heartworm prevention, since a single mosquitos bite can lead to infection. 


Doctors Recommended Heartworm Prevention

Advantage Multi for Cats


Heartgard Plus Trifexis


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